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As a part of Elegant Themes’ Divi Design Initiative, Kenny and the design team have been spoiling us with brand new FREE Divi layout packs every week. The layout packs can be downloaded from the blog post featuring the layout pack every Monday. Many of you have used the layout packs to build brand new websites in a very small fraction of the time it would normally take you.

In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to get the most out of these layouts by offering 10 key steps to follow when using a new Divi Layout pack for your next project. I’ve also included some not-so-well-known tips to handle these layouts like a pro.


Note: Like all steps, these are meant to be done in the order that they are listed. For example if you don’t set your default color palette first, it won’t be available when you go to change your default accent color.

10 Ways to Using a New Divi Layout Pack for your Next Project
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